Wandering Traveler





This is a coaching product for those who are not satisfied with their lives, who want progress, balance, transformation and who believe in lifelong learning. These sessions provide fast and reliable results.

You will excel in every aspect of your life; you will attain inner and outer peace and happiness.

Here are the areas in which these sessions work:

  • Do you want to bring your business to the next level easily and fast?

  • Do you want clarity on your career? Would you like to find the job of your dreams that suits your values and your passion? Would you like to bring your career to the next level?

  • Would you like abundance in your finances that will lead you to live the life of your dreams? We can clean your limiting beliefs about money.

  • We can work on building up your diet and lose weight for a better look and better health. You will be in peace with your look in the mirror

  • Are your relationships healthy, smooth, satisfying? Do you want to find your soulmate, or if you are not single would you like to carry your romantic relationship to the next level? Do you feel not understood, lonely, and isolated? Say yes to new uplifting and wonderful relationships with new friends. You can also improve your relationships with your relatives and neighbors.

  • You can awake to your real-life purpose, and improve personally and spiritually? Life would be sweet and challenging. You will move out of your comfort zone to reach the dreams of your life.

  • To find inner peace work for a greater purpose, for a cause, for a social responsibility project.

  • To buy or to rent your dream house, you can find an alternative source of income, or use savings. We can also optimize the search process.

  • Do you have dreams of other aspects of your life? We can get into the desired situation as soon as possible.

While coaching I can be analytical and creative, I can be a scientist and an artist. As I ask strong questions, you would clarify what you want and how to achieve it.

While coaching I use my strong knowledge base, and my 24 years of experience on personal development, on philosophy, on spirituality, on psychology, on MBA and management, on entrepreneurship, and on operations research.

I have 6 international certificates of coaching (One of them ICF accredited) and a certificate on hypnosis.

I use Emotional Freedom technique, NLP, breath and chakra meditation, hypnosis in the coaching sessions.